• How do I send a new order to Elco PCB?

    We take pride in building PCBs for you quickly and accurately. Here’s what we need from you:


    • Gerber files with apertures (either 274D or 274X embedded format)
    • Drill file (ASCII text file preferred) and tool assignments
    • Circuit outline (or corner marks) and datum point (referencing plated hole in Gerber) identified. A drill drawing (which matches drill file and tooling assignments) is great for this and it also allows us to check your hole sizes in the final inspection.
    • Identify slots and cutouts with dimensions and plated vs. unplated
    • Fabrication drawing or read me file listing a copper weight for every layer, number, and color of solder masks and legends, board material, etc.
    • Board material and thickness
    • Layer stack up if it is a multi-layer board
    • Tolerances, if other than industry standard IPC Class 2


    • Routing requires a minimum of 10 mils from copper to the board edge.
    • Scoring requires a minimum of 15 mils from copper to the board edge.


    • Testing requirements, if any
    • Array layout with dimensions, if any
    • Surface finish desired (we offer RoHS compliant (lead-free) PCBs)
    • For a stepped paste file, please enclose a one-up paste file
    • Any other notes not covered above


    • Order quantity and the date required in the house
    • Shipping method

  • What is included in a standard prototype?

    FR-4 material, 0.031″ or 0.062″ thick, 1 oz finished copper weight, 6 mil space and trace or larger, minimum hole size 0.012″, minimum annular ring 5 mil radius, maximum dimension 19″ by 16″, green, red, blue or black solder mask with white, black or yellow legend with a leaded HAL surface finish.

  • How do you handle a prototype that does not meet the standard requirements?

    Please send us the data you have: Gerber, fabrication drawing, DXF files, etc. and we will fax or e-mail a quotation back within one business day. Let us know if you are in a rush, we will get it to you more quickly.

  • What types of circuit boards can Elco PCB make?

    Every kind you can think of except quartz (used only for military applications). We love making difficult boards too. Try us.

  • Does Elco PCB check my gerber files?

    Yes. We check your files and documentation twice. We check your package within a couple of business hours of receiving your order for missing or conflicting data. Unlike many other companies, we will contact you and resolve any issues. As you may be aware, many of our competitors either do not look at your package or they make major changes without discussing them with you first. While we are paneling your files, we also check for manufacturability and some design errors.

  • Can I cancel my order before completion?

    Yes. Elco PCB does allow you to cancel prototype and production orders before they are completed. The minimum cancellation charge on prototype orders is 50% and production orders are 25%. The cancellation charge is at the sole discretion of Elco PCB. By sending us their order, the customer agrees to pay any cancellation charge Elco PCB specifies. If you have read competitor’s cancellation charges, you know ours is more generous than most.

  • Can Elco build and test for differential impedances?

    Yes, we can build and test differential pairs anywhere from 75 ohms diff to 140 ohms diff with a typical impedance tolerance of +/- 10% and validate results via our POLAR CITS 500 Impedance test system.

  • Can Elco provide stencil data for our assembly house?

    Yes, if Gerber Paste files exist, we can panel them and send them to your assembly house for stencil prep.

  • What is the quickest you can turn a board around?

    On demand, we can supply a 2 to 4 layer board within 12 hours.

  • How good is your ontime percentage?

    Over the last 5 years, Elco has averaged 98.3% on-time shipments.

  • Can Elco build a Mil-Spec printed circuit board?

    Elco Italy is Mil-Spec certified and can provide boards in 2 days.

  • What is the smallest mechanical drill you can drill?

    0.008 mm up to an 0.070 mm thick part, smaller as an outsource (laser drill).

  • What information must be provided in order for Elco to accurately quote a job?

    Please review our Requirements and Specifications.

  • Additional questions?

    Please, contact us.