About us

Established in 1970, Elco Group Spa is a joint-stock company still run by a branch of the founder’s family, which retains a 68% ownership stake. From 2022, it is led by Filippo D’Agata, founder of Cadlog, the largest European distributor of software for the electronics industry. Today, Elco is Italy’s leading PCB manufacturer and is partner to major players in the most demanding industries, including the aerospace, defence, medical and automotive industries. The company’s focus is on two core businesses: high-mix, low-volume manufacturing, from the plant located in Carsoli (L’Aquila), Italy, a real centre of excellence devoted to high value-added limited-run manufacturing; and mass production and trading, from the company-owned facility in Asia.

Excellence through the years

  • Over 50 years experience in PCB design

  • 24/7 Tech Support

  • Excellent Group-level quality control systems

  • High standard of equipment & regular maintenance schedule

  • Quality assurance approvals

  • Prototype service available with flexibility to suit all

  • Experienced, trained staff in all production areas

  • Highly experienced long term work force

  • Successful offshore manufacturing partnership

  • Vertical competencies in the most complex sectors

  • From prototype to mass production, from single side up to 40 layers boards

  • Attentiveness to the environmental impact, safeguarding the integrity of local areas

  • Portfolio of high-profile case histories