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About Our Industry

A “Glocalized” Company

Our Strategy is to help our Customer to the PCB one-stop Solutions:

  • All PCB Capability
  • Fast Prototyping (QTA)
  • Local Logistics Service
  • Engineering & Co-Design Services
  • Income/Outgoing Inspection Quality Labs
  • All China PCBs plants volumes production available
  • Broker & Trading Organization Offices
  • Logistic Services

What we do


ELCO PCB merges these 2 market conditions to offer the Best One-Stop Solution for Printed Circuits


  • Plants Organizations
  • Plants Certifications
  • Quality Inspections
  • Sales Assistance


  • Broker Organization
  • Trader Organization
  • "Street Prices" Action Control
  • Sales Assistance

OUR Services

Get premium services
for your business

Our Sales Team integrates with Technical Office to support Customers with pre- and post-sales assistance, helping to define and solve critical technical issues. The Quality and Laboratory departments guarantee incoming and outgoing inspections results. All production plants ``Work As One`` to satisfy any request, ZeroTime Prototyping as well as mass production and specific market niche for big customers.


We want to offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of the best cost-benefit ratio. For this reason, we offer the services of Elco PCB Online, our online shop. With fully automated analysis for standard technology Gerber files, we can provide fast and detailed quotations almost in real time.

Need help?
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Free yourself from technical problems and production delays.
Our Technical Support can help you solve all kinds of critical issues together. Search for available pieces of information in F.A.Q. or fill the Support Request form specifying your issues.