Q: What drill sizes can I use in my design? Can I use inch sizes?

A: Yes, you can use inch sizes, but note that we work in metric units and we have drill sizes from 0.6 mm to 5.0 mm in 0.1 mm steps. This means that if we receive your drill sizes in inch units we’ll convert to metric and round to 0.1 mm. For instance if you are using 27 mils, 28 mils and 29 mils drill sizes they all will be rounded to 0.7 mm. To convert from IMPERIAL to METRIC you should divide your IMPERIAL drill size to 39.37 i.e. 130 mils / 39.37 = 3.3 mm and vice versa 1.0 mm = 39.37 mils after rounding = 39 mils. If this rounding is not taken into consideration you can easily make DRC violations – for instance you can use 34 mils drill with 50 mils pad/via which should pass the annular ring copper check as the pad-drill is 16 mils, but 34 mils drill = 0.86 mm will be rounded to 0.9 mm and the 1.27 mm pad/via will fail on the DRC check.


Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: One panel

Q: Do you have other panel sizes?
A: For the fast turnaround prototypes we use only two standard panel sizes: 160×100 mm (6.3 x 3.9″) and 320×200 mm (12.59 x 7.87″). For normal production time runs we optimize panel size as per board size.

Q: I have board with dimensions above your panel size, can you manufacture it? 
A: We can handle up to 400×400 mm panels,


Q: In what file format to send my NC drill files? 
A: NC drill files should be in Excellon or S&M format.

Q: I have options for different precision, which one to pick?
A: Please use 2.4 or 3.4 precision.

Q: Can you manufacture boards from BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG file formats?
A: No.


Q: My CAD have option to generate the pads as donuts, is it OK to send my files this way?
A: No, please don’t send pierced pads gerbers,

Q: What is Composite gerbers and negative plots, how bad are they for my design?
A: Composite layer is ancient way to generate your copper pour. This is still used by old CAD software which don’t have copper pour hatch stroke filling.

Q: I designed my board in Inch (mm) units, in which units should I export my Gerbers?
A: Always export your gerbers in the units you designed board to prevent rounding errors in your Gerber generation due to the unit conversion.

Q: What is good number precision for gerber generation?
A: 2.4 or 3.4

Q: My CAD ask me if I want to add offset to XY when I generate my Gerbers?
A: Please use offset 0,0