All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days.


30 Days. Terms are available with approved credit application.


If an order is placed online or by any other means, it is not guaranteed to be accepted by Elco PCB until it passes our engineering review and customer’s receivables account is in good standing.


A prorated cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders depending on fabrication status at time of cancellation.  Cancelations must be done by fax or email only and must receive a written confirmation from Elco PCB.


Elco PCB reserves the right to ship the best way for on-time delivery.

We work very hard to make sure all your PCB orders get shipped on time. There are occasions, however, when the freight carriers have delays and/or make shipment errors. We regret when this happens but we cannot be responsible for delays by these carriers.

All International quotes include custom charges and import fees.

PRICING POLICY              

We will schedule out shipments over a 6-month period; however, the order will be manufactured at the discretion of Elco PCB to maximize production capabilities and cost efficiencies.  Pricing can be guaranteed for 3 months only.  If for any reason this order is cancelled at any time prior to the final scheduled shipment, any or all of the completed order will be subject to a cancellation fee which may be up to 100% depending on the manufacturing status at the time of cancellation.  Customer is liable for all completed product quantities.

We reserve the right to change price and delivery at any time.


Elco PCB does not store, keep, or otherwise promise to inventory any parts unless agreed to in writing by both parties.


Rohs compliant lead-free Production (Custom Spec) boards will be marked with a lead-free symbol if requested by customer.  If not specifically indicated on fab drawing or requested in separate document, the lead free symbol will not be added.  No symbols of any kind are added to prototypes other than the work order number for fabrication identification purposes.

PRIVACY POLICY              

At Elco PCB we recognize that privacy is of utmost importance, and we do not sell or rent individual personal information to any third party.  Information and data sent to us for the processing of orders may be shared with a manufacturing partner for quote or fabrication.  But in all cases, we require that manufacturing partners comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

TESTING POLICY              

ELCO PCB makes all the boards with 100% electrical in relation to the original data of the customer.


Elco PCB is highly focused on maintaining a ‘green’ production facility and in minimizing the production process impact on the environment. An increasing portion of operating revenues is being utilized to improve the environmental aspects of the entire production process.

Some examples of this commitment to ‘green’ production are to reduce industrial waste, air pollution, water discharges, sound pollution and to utilize chemicals with lower environmental impact.

We also strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources such as water, energy and prime materials.

All this involves a continuous monitoring of the production process following strict environmental rules.