Base Material UsedFR4 Std; FR4 Mid TG° /Mid TG° HF; FR4 HiTg° (ITEQ, ISOLA, HITACHI); High Speed (NELCO 4000-1 (SI); ISOLA FR408HR / ASTRA / I-TERA; PANASONIC Megtron 6 / Megtron 7)ARLON 33N / 35N / 85N / 85HP; HITACHI MCL-I-671; VENTEC VT901; ISOLA P95/P96; ROGERS ML91/ML92; Thick Copper; Flexible Materials-Polyimide Dupont Pyralux AP/LF/FR; Flexible Material Polyimide Panasonic R-F775; Hi Frequency Teflon and non-Teflon based: Rogers/Arlon RT/Duroid Family, RO3000 family,DiClad family, Cuclad family, Isoclad family, AD family, AR family, TC family, RO4000 family; TACONIC RF25A2, RF35, RF35A2, RF45, RF60, CER10, TLX, TLY, TLE; NELTEC NY9220
PCB TypeRigid; Rigid/Flex; Hybrid RigidRigid; Flex; Rigid/Flex (hybrid); Copper/aluminium Heat Sink; Metal CoinRigid; Flex; Rigid/Flex (hybrid)
Maximum Number of Layers1640> 40
Maximum Board Dimension570 x 449 mm640 x 570 mm700 x 620 mm
Maximum Board Thickness3.2 mm6.5 mm
Minimum core Thickness0.1 mm0.05 mm – 0.025 (Flex)
Base Copper Thickness12 – 18 – 35 – 70 µ9-12-18-35-70-105-140-210-315 µ> 315 µ and < 9 µ
Aspect Ratio8:112:114:1
Minimum Diameter Hole (Mechanical)0.150 mm0.127 mm0.100 mm
Minimum Diameter Hole (Laser)100 µ75 µ60 µ
Holes Position Tolerance± 0.1 mm
(from the board edge)
± 0.07 mm on PCB with diagonal < 300 mm (from the board edge)
Minimum Trace100 µ75 µ50 µ
Minimum Space100 µ75 µ50 µ
Plated Hole Tolerance-0.05 ÷ + 0.10 mm-0.05 ÷ + 0.05 mm
Unplated Hole Tolerance0 ÷ + 0.10 mm0 ÷ + 0.05 mm
Conformity CertificateOn-demandOn-demand
Test CertificateOn all deliveryOn all delivery
Controlled Impedance CertificationOn demandOn demand
Production Date (week and year)On solder mask – On copper (on demand)On solder mask – On copper (on demand)
CertificationISO 9001:2015 – EN 9100:2018;
IATF 16949:2009; Certified: 94V-0 up to 130°
ISO 9001:2015 – EN 9100:2018; IATF 16949:2009; Certified: 94V-0 up to 130°
Routing Tolerance± 0.20 mm± 0.15 mm
Surface FinishesH.A.S.L.; Lead-Free H.A.S.L.; E.N.I.G.; Chemical Tin; OSP; Immersion SilverElectrolytic Ni;
Electrolytic NiAu; ENEPIG
Solder Mask TypesPhotographicPhotographic – Different Colours
LegendWhiteData Matrix; QR Code; Legend by Different Colours
Electrical Test (short and open)100%100%